Bramag Pty Ltd is an Australian company that is the “authorised Australian & New Zealand distributor” for Kendrion Binder Magnete products and services. We are “factory trained” with the refurbishment and repair of most products that are manufactured by Kendrion Binder Magnete in Germany.

Other trade names that are widely expressed within the industry are Binder / Binder Magnete AC & DC electro-magnetic clutches and brakes; fail-safe brakes, and permanent magnet brakes. Binder / Binder Magnete Electro-magnets. Binder / Binder Magnete AC and DC electromagnetic solenoids.

Our products are used in the following industries:

  • Power Transmission,
  • Mining
  •  Printing
  • Electrical rewinding
  • Crane and hoists
  • Servo systems
  • Conveyer systems and other related companies

The clutches and brakes are mainly used in Mining, Packaging, Printing, Crane, Machine tools, Materials handling, general industrial area that have electric motors.

The Electro-magnets are also used in the above industries but also included fire rated door and industrial / commercial door manufacturers. Whilst these are industrial we also service shopping centres, commercial buildings, hospitals etc.