View the Electronic Accessory Range. As a manufacturer of electromagnetic components Industrial Drive Systems offers a comprehensive range of rectifiers for the operation of brakes and solenoids. Reliability, electromagnetic compatibility, safety and reduced fuel consumption are becoming more relevant than ever and are no less important than requirements such as reduced installation space, integration capacity and cost optimization.

Modern rectifiers do not only provide direct current but also optimize the operation of electromagnetic actuators especially in terms of dynamics, fuel consumption and life cycle for the respective uses. The fast development of industrial automation requires ever more intelligent products customized to the actuator systems. Our experience – especially with the integration of electronic assemblies on a variety of electromechanical actuators – meets these increasing demands. We are happy to assist you with solving your specific tasks and requirements.

lean collectionLean Collection

  • small and cost-effective
universal collectionUniversal Collection

  • universal use
micropowerMicropower Collection / Standard Line

  • wide voltage range
power collectionPower Collection

  • for high performance
electronicsPWM-Module MPR

  • compact and cost-saving

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lean collectionThe Lean Collection is a very small, cost-effective model with a variety of mounting and connecting options. It can be used with brakes of the Slim Line, Compact Line and Vario Line up to size 16. The Lean Collection is suitable for applications with lower requirements to dynamics and for installation in small terminal boxes.

Rated input voltage AC    max. 500 V
Max. output current DC:    one-way 0.8 … 1.0 bridge 0.8 … 2.0 A
Overexcitation factor:    none
High-speed disconnection:    external (depending on type)

universal collectionThe Universal Collection is a model which is suitable for all types of rectifiers and clock rates and ideal for separate use (also with solenoids).



Rated input voltage AC: 500 V
Max. output current DC: one-way, bridge 0.7 .. 2  A overexcitation 1.4 .. 3 A
Overexcitation factor: depending on type 2:1
High-speed disconnection: external or internal with voltage or current detection

micropowerThe Micropower Collection / Standard Line is a model for which all types of rectifiers and switching functions are available. The series is designed for wide voltage ranges and higher performances. It is generally suitable for brakes from size 19 on, especially for the holding brakes in the Classic Line. For drives in difficult environmental conditions or mounting outside of terminal boxes sealed-in models are available.


Rated input voltage AC: max. 525 V
Max. output current DC: one-way, bridge 0.7 .. 2  A overexcitation 1.4 .. 3 A
Overexcitation factor: depending on type 2:1
High-speed disconnection: external or internal with voltage or current detection

power collectionThe Power Collection is a series of rectifiers with overexcitation function and adjustable holding voltage for high performances. The variable holding voltage is controlled by the phase cut-off. Furthermore, a housing for rail mounting is available.

Technical details:

Rated input voltage AC: max. 415 V
Max output current DC: bridge: 18 A holding excitation: 9A
Overexcitation factor: variable
High-speed disconnection external

electronicsPWM control to adjust the amount of power supplied to the load. Depending on the design of the electromagnetic device, the following effects can be achieved:

• shorter switching times when operating voltage is applied:

• stronger attractive force

• increased stroke or

• reduced power consumption

• lower thermal stress

• longer lifecycle

• shorter switching times when operating voltage is removed compared to standard conditions

Technical specifications:

Input voltage range:  18 - 40 VDC
Overexcitation voltage:  input voltage or max. 30 VDC
Holding voltage:  10% – 90% of rated voltage
Output current:  up to 2.5 A
Ambient temperature range:  -20 to +85 °C
Overexcitation time:  200 / 500 ms (other times upon request)
Voltage control:  with pulse-width modulation (PWM)
Basic frequency:  500 Hz (other frequencies upon request)

These modules are very compact and conveniently priced thanks to the consistent use of state-of-the-art microelectronics and power electronics components.