Kendrion Holding Magnets range includes the HAHN CQ Line and the Industrial Line

Holding MagnetsHAHN CQ Line

  • Door holders
  • Magnetic locks
   Industrial Line

  • Holding magnets
  • Permanent holding magnets

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Holding MagnetsHolding solenoids of the Kendrion HAHN CQLine are first-class door holding systems which are primarily used as locking devices for fire-protection closures.

The unique holding systems have been developed in accordance with the latest architectural trends and offer completely new design options. A wide range of colours and surfaces as well as integrated LED-lighting can be selected. Door-holding solenoids are typically used for doors in the private and industrial area as well as in fire alarm and safety technology.


The holding solenoid systems hold doors resp. closures open. If necessary the smoke detector transmits a signal to interrupt the holding current so that the doors can be closed by means of an automatic door closer. In this way the spreading of fire and smoke can be prevented.


Depending on the product the door-holding solenoids are quality-tested by the VdS in Cologne according to the regulations of the German Institute of Structural Engineering (“Deutsches Institut fur Bautechnik”) resp. manufactured and tested according to the Eurocode (“Euronorm”) EN1155.

All products are manufactured and tested according to DIN VDE 0580/07.2000.
With three product lines the solenoids of the HAHN CQLine cover a power range from 1.5W to 3W and a force from 200N to 1568N.


For individual adaptation we recommend our specific variants as well as our accessories, e.g. the base for floor mounting. Please see our product catalogue for further options.


Design subject to change.

Standard Supply Voltage 24 V DC
Standard Duty Cycle 100 %
Power 1.5-3 W
Force 200-1568 N
Thermal Class B
Accessories/Option - Wall and floor angles- Base for floor mounting- Armature- Breaker button
Protection Class IP 54 / IP 65

Holding solenoids of the Kendrion Industrial Line include all electromagnetic and permanent magnetic holding systems which are circular, flat or rod-shaped. 

These holding solenoid systems are used where loads must be held or transported quickly and reliably. The special advantage of the use of permanent magnetic holding systems is the safe holding even in the case of power failure. Further fields of application of our electric holding systems are mechanical and apparatus engineering, fixture construction, automation engineering as well as welding and handling technology.


The electromagnetic holding systems do not have armatures and serve the purpose of holding ferromagnetic work-pieces. Their function is based on an electromagnet with open magnetic circuit exerting a magnetic field on ferromagnetic bodies. The devices can be mounted by the threaded holes on the back.

A permanent magnet as an energy storage and a coil are installed in the permanent electric holding system. The electromagnetic field generated thereby serves to neutralise the permanent solenoid and to switch the magnet which allows an easy setting down of work-pieces and loads.

Our solenoids of the Industrial Line cover a power range from 1.4W to 90W and a force range from 36N to 30000N.

The maximum holding forces of both systems are dependent on the surface roughness of the material, the material thickness and in direct baring (full coverrage of the holding surface). Futhermore, the holding forces relate to 90% of the nominal voltage and operating temperature.

All products are manufactured and tested according to DIN VDE 0580.

For individual adaptation we recommend our flexible amature plate.

Please see our product catalogue for further accessories.

Design subject to change.


 Sizes Electromagnetic Holding SolenoidPermanent Magnetic Holding SolenoidsElectromagnetic Holding RodsPermanent Magnetic Holding Rods
 Standard Supply Voltage 24 V DC
 Standard Duty Cycle Electromagnetic Holding Solenoid: 100%Permanent Magnetic Holding Solenoids: 25%
 Power 1.4-90 W
 Force 36-30000 N
 Thermal Class E
 Accessories/Option - Box mounting receptacle- Terminal clamp- Flexible amature plate
 Protection Class IP 54 / IP 65