Kendrion Permanent Magnet Brakes range available either as holding brake with emergency stop function or as working brake.

high torque

High Torque

  • Permanent Magnet Brakes, new generation
pm linePM Line

  • Permanent Magnet Brakes, classic model

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high torqueThe HIGH TORQUE series combines the well-known properties of permanent magnet brakes – Due to a re-design of the magnetic circuit, it features further advantages such as a higher torque at identical size and power consumption, high torque constancy throughout the complete service life and an extended temperature range.



The applications are the same as those of the conventional permanent magnet brake.


Selected Technical Details

Nominal torque range: 0,1 – 500 Nm
Voltage: DC 24 V
Protection class: IP 00
Temperature range: -40 – +120° C
(technical details subject to change)

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pm lineThe PM Line includes permanent magnet brakes in which the braking force is generated by a permanent magnetic field. The brake thus works in a de-energized condition and fulfils the following functions: Holding, positioning and emergency stop. The neutralization of the braking force is effected by the counteracting electric field, granting a high degree of security, even in the case of power failure. Permanent magnet brakes are characterized by a secure, residual-moment-free lifting in any position, and by a backlash-free transfer of the braking torque.



Servo motors, medical engineering, handling technology, packaging machines, machine tools


Selected Technical Details

Nominal torque range: 1.2 -  240 Nm
Voltage: DC 24, 102, 205 V
Protection Class: IP 54

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